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The Insurance Forum was a monthly periodical directed at persons with a professional interest in insurance. During its 40-year history from its inception at the beginning of 1974, through its termination at the end of 2013, it provided objective information and incisive analysis of important insurance topics. 

Our newsletter was completely independent. To make sure it stayed that way, we did not accept advertising. We were not indebted to—nor did we represent—any company, industry group, or special interest of any sort.

In 2015, Joseph M. Belth, the editor of The Insurance Forum for its entire 40 years of publication, published a 379-page cloth bound book entitled The Insurance Forum: A Memoir. See our memoir page for more information.

Belth started a blog subsequent to the termination of the newsletter. Please visit it at josephmbelth.com.

To learn more about our publication, please browse this website or contact us. All back issues are still available.